Maps and Filters

  • opaxe is an interactive map and database that stores and displays listed mining company announcements for mineral exploration and mining projects globally. Most of the projects included on opaxe are undertaken by resources companies listed on the major global stock exchanges
  • announcements from more than 3,300 companies covering more than 8,200 projects world-wide are included allowing you to find exactly the announcement you are looking for
  • displaying these announcements on an interactive map makes it easy to see trends and patterns in mining projects and simplifies the information gathering process required for investment decisions
  • each resources company project is represented by a pin on the map. Clicking on a pin opens a summary of the project and a download link to the full, original company announcement
  • filters are available allowing projects to be selected by a variety of criteria including commodity, project type, stock exchange etc. Favourite searches may be saved, and companies, projects and commodities maybe followed so that it is quick and easy to get the latest information about your selection
  • our database has more than 30,000 company reports and is growing daily
  • users may try opaxe for free or sign up for a subscription to access the full service

Weekly update

  • stay up to date with the opaxe weekly resources report
  • every week we analyse the mining company announcements released during the previous week and produce a summary of the reported activity so that you don’t have to read 100’s of announcements 
  • we show announced activities by commodity and country making it easy to keep abreast of what is happening in mining globally
  • the opaxe weekly resources report is available with your myopaxe membership. Sign up here

opaxe index

  • the opaxe index™ provides a worldwide exclusive comparison of mineral drilling results
  • this is valuable information to help you rapidly appraise the market value of each drilling announcement
  • the comparison is not distorted by by-product credits or restricted to one commodity
  • the top weekly indexed drill results are available with your myopaxe membership. Sign up here

Client services

  • the opaxe databases contain more than 1.5 million individual datapoints relating to more than 3,300 mining companies and 8,200 projects across the world
  • every day we add new company announcements and extract data from each one adding 1,000’s of new datapoints to our databases
  • we use this data to produce reports and updates on world mining activity which we publish on the website
  • opaxe also utilises this data to provide customised analysis and reports for our clients including mining companies, investors and the media
  • examples of our reports include marketing data, comparisons of projects and exploration activity and overviews of specific country and/or commodity activities.
  • contact us to discuss your requirements and find out how opaxe can work for you