A curated data source for the mining and minerals industry

opaxe is a global database of listed mining company information helping investors, companies and mining professionals make better informed investment decisions. Using our maps and filters it is easy to find, view and download any mining company public announcement from our database of 30,000 company announcements. To simplify searches, announcements can be filtered by various criteria including commodity type, date, project status, stock exchange the company is listed on, reporting code, report type, and transaction size and type.

Users are able to set their preferred filters allowing them to immediately access reports based on their selected preferences, and there is a search tool allowing them to search for announcements by country, company or project name and to search for specific people involved with mining projects globally.

We produce weekly summaries of global mining activity which our subscribers can access giving them a continuous overview and update on the state of the resources sector. Reported drilling intercepts are converted into Au equivalent values which allows us to compare exploration results across commodities and projects and we have developed the opaxe index which ranks the leading intercepts globally.This is a great way for our mining clients to promote their projects and gives our subscribers a good overview of global exploration activity.

opaxe extracts data and information from every company announcement and uses this database of more than 1.5 million datapoints to provide customised analysis and reports for its clients. We are currently working with the Computer Sciences Department at the University of Western Australia to develop AI technology capable of extracting data and information automatically from company announcements which will significantly increase the speed and volume of data collection.